Now you can check-out faster

As an IHG® Rewards Club member, you now access your hotel charges in real-time at your fingertips via the IHG® App and at Crowne Plaza Adelaide, you can now enjoy Mobile Check-Out so you can leave without stopping. Try it today! Download the IHG® App to experience a seamless stay.
  •  Over 50 phrases in 12 languages, including slang (2,000 phrases available on paid version)
  • A voice-to-voice translator with access to 10 translations (unlimited translations available on paid version)
  • 1 language audio lesson (15 audio lessons available on paid version)
  • A 10,000 word offline dictionary
  • Currency converter and tip calculator
  • Live Translator for 180 languages (for a fee)
  • IHG® Rewards Club discounts
  • 50% discount for premium content to Club and Gold Elite
  • Complimentary access to all Platinum, Spire and Ambassador members